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Version 1.7.2

BancoMap allows you to easily locate a nearby Bancomat (ATM) or Postomat anywhere in Switzerland.

Have you ever found yourself searching for an ATM? Thanks to BancoMap and its regularly updated database, you will never again be searching for an ATM.

  • Includes more than 4.500 ATMs throughout Switzerland.
  • ATMs from 80 different banks, including Swiss Post.
  • Search for nearby ATMs or browse by canton and city.
Available on the AppStore

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone & iPod touch. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Internet connection required to update the ATM list.

Screen captures

BancoMap 1.7.0

Updated 09/18/13
  • iOS7 update
  • App is now free. Free as in beer!

BancoMap 1.5.3

Updated 05/31/13
  • Bug fixes

BancoMap 1.5.2

Updated 01/03/13
  • iPhone 5 compatibility
  • Bug fixes

BancoMap 1.5.1

Updated 8/15/2012
  • Many fixes and improvements.

BancoMap 1.5.0

Updated 6/15/2012
  • New: Display nearby ATMs.
  • New: Complete update of the ATM list.
  • New: Postomats are also part of the database.
  • Fixes: Duplicate ATMs have been removed.
  • And iPhone 4, 4S, iOS 5.1 Update.

BancoMap 1.1

Updated 9/5/2009
  • Misc bugs corrected.
  • Compatible iOS 3.0.

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